A slow air / David Harrower
45 p. ; 20 cm.
Morna works as a cleaner in Edinburgh. She spends her time drinking, attempting affairs and trying to work out the mind of the twenty-year-old son with whom she shares her flat. Her elder brother, Athol, lives near Glasgow airport with his wife. The owner of a floor-tiling company, with two grown-up children, he’s proud of his hard-won achievements since moving west. Between them they have differing memories of their upbringing and their parents, and definite opinions about each other. But these are left unsaid because Morna and Athol haven’t spoken a word to each other in fourteen years... When Morna’s son Joshua travels to see his uncle, he sets off a remarkable and life-changing series of events.
Tron Theatre company presents.
No division in acts ; 1m, 1w.
First public performance : Tron Theatre (Mayfesto festival), on May 11, 2011, Glasgow (Scotland).
Director : David Harrower.
D H3232sL 2011