Triple play : three plays / Norm Foster.
220 p. ; 23 cm.
Jenny's house of joy ; 5 characters (5 women). -- Bedtime stories ; 5 characters (3m, 2w) ; 15 characters (9m, 6w). -- Outlaw ; 4 characters (4 men).
JENNY'S HOUS OF JOY : When a tireless young runaway comes begging for a job, the girls at Jenny's house might just have to leave their lingerie behind. A delightful new comedy about the oldest profession.
BEDTIME STORIES : Six scenes which feature a bed as the primary focus. A shock radio jock pays a couple to make love on the air. A woman visits a dying man she hurt years ago. Two thieves discover a shocking secret. An aging rock star is confronted by a groupie. An accident-prone stripper meets with her no-nonsense boss. A woman leaving her husband lectures the movers on the proper way to treat a lady.
OUTLAW : A young Canadian homesteader travelling far from home finds himself accused of murder in the state of Kansas in 1871. With only his wits to defend himself, he turns the law of the land—and the men hell-bent on enforcing it—upside down. This authentic western is a unique take on the days when guns were the law.
D F7562 2008