Conni Massing : two plays / Conni Massing.
iii, 152 p. ; 21 cm.
Homesick ; 4 characters (2m, 2w). -- The myth of summer ; 8 characters (3m, 5w).
HOMESICK : Rhona needs advice from her mother, Clara, about how to bake bread and what to do about her deadbeat boyfriend, her stalled country and western singing career, and an unexpected pregnancy. Rhona’s quest for guidance is derailed by the death of her maternal grandmother, which triggers an avalanche of unresolved feelings for the whole family, as well as signs of life from Rhona’s comatose father, Cliff. While Clara slips further into the past, Cliff struggles to regain the present; and once boyfriend Gary arrives on the scene, Rhona is forced to deal with her own uncertain future.
THE MYTH OF SUMMER : A lightning strike and the inspirational story of Joan of Arc trigger a series of magical occurrences for sixteen-year-old Jessica and for everyone else around her caught up in the fleeting euphoria of this most maddening season of the year. German massage therapist Werner and frantic puppeteer Melanie fall in love over dreams of Canadian wilderness and French erudition, both of which turn out to be empty promises. Party-planning duo Dacia and Kevin orchestrate important events for other people while deluding themselves about the lack of meaning in their own lives. Meanwhile, Jessica wields her new-found powers to help her family (and her boyfriend) see the painful truth about love.
D M418co 2008